Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When will i learn how to grow up?

Another post.hahha :D
i am going to talk about growing up...it seems that i am 13 years old.Well,still 13 years old.For my mom she thinks that time goes on so fast.But,for me i think time goes on so slowly.It's like i've been 13 for forever.do you feel me?
But,i've been taught that age is nothing if you still behave like a baby.I've been thinkin alot about it.And it reminds me of my behaviour.I was kind of shocked about my behaviour but,some people think that it's normal.People do act chilidish sometimes.
But on the other hand,i do feel guilty.I've been pretty selfish,annoying,arrogant or whatever you call it.
To be honest,yes i want to change.I wanna change to be a better person.It's not so wrong is it?
I want to move on,Try to forget about my stupid pasts and pretty much just,start all over again.
I hope you'll pray for me..so i could pass 8th grade,i could get a brighter future :) ,

hahaha i wrote this because it just walking in my mind when i was watchin tv.haha
But,yes i hope it could work for you guys too..

got to roll see ya

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