Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boredom yeah

Sorry for the stripes camera is not really good.

I am into purple lately and i like the last picture :D (yes i am a narcistic person).
And i really like my kamiseta top (1st and second pict).It was on sale and the price is affordable for a thirteen year old girl like me.I also like the oxford shoe..I love the colours and it's comfy.I bought it online from . He's awesome i love all of the shoes and the prices are 'heaven'
For the 3rd and 4th pict i'm wearing Kamiseta top.The skirt is ZARA.I love the skirt it's flowers it has pocket on the front :).The shoes is my mom's and it's Guess.

I sort of like wearing stockings now.Well,i don't know why i feel comfy wearing it.There's not much people wearing stockings here.But,who cares right? if you feel comfortable with what you are wearing then,you will always looking good.
I made it's thanks :D


Katarina said...

u got style girl! <3 the last 2 pics!

ibelieveinmiracles said...

lol that's very nice of you :).Thanks alot haha :DD