Saturday, January 31, 2009

i am so pissed rite now

Okay,so today is my Semi-Final to the News Reading competition..(wish me luck)
My mom well,she pissed me off because she told me that she doesn't want to come and watch me...but,i convince her to come with me and my dad.Like i told her yesterday that i was 100% sure i wont be able to compete at the final..
Seriously,My parents don't know me at all
they don't know what i've been doing all this time
even,half of my friends don't know..
well,you should know by now


Friday, January 23, 2009

Haven't post for alonggg timee

hey guys
i haven't post a blog for along time because i have been busy with school homeworks and other courses..and i've been busy taken care of my life! haha

so anyway,
I don't go anywhere today because of flu :(.. Well,i wanted to go to Olivia's house but,my head is soo heavy right now.
I had a video call with my cousin (Gavrilo) early this morning.He's moving here to Jakarta and i am so eeeeeexxxxxxcciiiiteeeeeeddd! he's like the gorgeous brotheer haha.I can't wait to meet him seriously!.

I am looking at Irina Lazareanu photos now :)
she's gorgeous!

so anyway,i g2g


Saturday, January 10, 2009


Good morning
It's happy Sunday :D

hungry as always............. :S

okay i g2g
see you tomorrow :O

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heaven Only knows

So,today I got home early because of teachers meeting.Vanessa came over to my house and we watched House of Bunny.A very interesting movie though.I love the make-over part.They all look gorgeous.
so anyway,if you want to add me on facebook/myspace feel free to add me guys :D
facebook : Priscilla Larasati Kemur
Myspace :

Fell free ya'll

I'm currently listening to Nouvelle Vague-Wishing (if i had a photography of you).I love it.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy new year guys

Hey guyss!
happy new year!! sorry telattt yaa hehe
I am so happy it's 2009..but,it's kinda sad too because well i have to say byebye to 2008..byebye all i can say is "well,it's 2009..i hope it's better than 2008"
so anyway,my private life is pathetic and next week i'm goin back to school..which means i wont have much time to write this blog again..

it's been 3 and a half year i fall in love with you..