Monday, April 27, 2009

So fookin pissed

I am so not in a good mood right now.
huaaaaah.It feels like i want to stand up and tell that stupid person that me and a friend of mine have stop doing those stupid stuff.Because you know what? we realize that it's not a good it????

Oh my gosh,okay so this girl..she's in headlines everywhere.Maybe some of you Indonesians have heard about her from infotainment or whatever.She's Indonesian and half French.She's married with a malaysian prince last year.And she's s But,her husband is well,sort of abused her.And her mom couldn't reach her by phone or even come to visit her in malaysia.Because the malaysians kind of abandoned her to meet her own daughter,manohara.I tell you about this rumour stuff because i'm bored now and its like she's everywhere!
To be honest,she is pretty.People have said that she's a really nice inside&outside person.blah..she's lucky.
I mean come on girls,don't you think it's pretty annoying when you see pretty girls or sometimes not pretty girls get a hot,rich and just nice boyfriend? I know you'll say "lucky bitch"..
huff yeah,always happen and will always happen.
when's my turn to be one?

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