Friday, April 3, 2009

Obsessed.Can't get enough.

I am obsessed with :
Dakota fanning !! she's so cool i love her.She worked hard since she was little.I mean,that's really cool.It proves that she has passion for acting.I love her look on PUSH anyways.New york city!.I've never been there but,i think new york is the place to be! i would like to see new york's city lights..and people walkin around at Time square with my own eyes.I just wish i could be there now.

It's Jonathan Aston Gothic Tights.But who cares i want printed tights! cause i think tights are rad.Especially the printed ones.Yes oh yess i want it all.

I can't get enough of Chanel..even though i don't rlly have much of the collections,but i think she is very cool.I can't wait to watch Coco before Chanel.It doesn't come out til this april.

Cory kennedy is awesome..i'm her huge fan .i think she kind of give me an inspiration on everything i wear.
Those are my top 5!
Dakota fanning
New york
Printed tights
Coco chanel and,
Cory kennedy

credits :Flickr.Google :)

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