Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I want home-school and my own house.

I am so sad that kris allen won the american idol.Because i thought that adam was gonna be the winner :((
But,well kriss does have a great voice.So,yeah why not? and i'm sure both of them are winners.Because come on,they'll get a record deal for sure.. :)) (but i'm still sad)
YEAH HELL YEA I WANT HOME SCHOOL AND OWN HOUSE.i need a friggin space.I hate it when my mom dad brother big brother always tell me 'give me some space to sit' or 'why aren't you studying?' cause you know what SIT ON ANOTHER SOFA,WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? and i could go home anytime i want...
uh...kitties are amazing..they could live wherever they want,married with whoever they want,and just be on their own.
hmm but,whatever happens we should be thankful.

so yeah,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

screw me.

I had a good time reading mr.kanye west's blog.I love his style and his unique ideas and of course his art tastes.And yesterday,i was on his blog again.There's this shoes it's really cool.I really want's the pictureIt's nike.And the colour is soo green ish tennis ball-ish.So wow-ish.
And now i am reading this article on's an article about Adidas originals by Jeremy scott.You know i love him right?.Jeremy scott is definetely the man i would like to spend my time with.He is just ooh lala.This is my favourite for Autumn/spring adidas originals Jeremy scott.look at it!
The dress..and the shoes.The shoes is very cool.It has wings on the side of em.WOWIEE i'm gonna put it on my october's birthday list! lame.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels&Demons is a very good movie.

I watched angels&demons for free today at ex :)
No doubt,the movie is very's better than the first one.The first one is not that good.But,don't watch angels&Demons if you don't like to watch people kill theirself with fire.hmmf..
I haven't take a picta of my daily outfit at the moment.
here it is..for today! i woke up at 7 oclock and i didn't know what to wear.And i found the orange top at my mom's wardrobe...and i borrowed her bag.ohh yeah the bag is mulberry! hahaaha :)
the top and the skirt are zara. and the bracelet is my mom's

wwwaaaa and i went to the saloonnn.Got my hair done.I rlly like's like wavy wavy lol
here's the pic of my hair i kinda destroyed it cause i was so pissed and fell asleep haha :Pg2ggg

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walkin on a dream.... is true.I've been walkin on a dream since yesterday hahaha.
I've never realllyyy feel this way beforeee i'm just happpppyyyyyyy ♥

Anyways,i am currently listening to Maliq & D'essentials-Itu adanya.I love the song.And the lyrics well,one word.Amazing.
It's in Indonesian so some of you who doesn't understand i''m sorryy hehe :)

My faveeee :

Itu Adanya
Ku Menginginkanmu Setulus Hati
Tanpa Ada Ragu
kau membutakan mata dan fikiran
Tuk Trus Mengejarmu Hingga Kau Mau

Kuingin Dapat Memelukmu
Jadikanlah Aku Yang Begitu
Berarti Selalu Di Dalam Hatimu
Bawa Aku Melangkah Jauh Bersamamu

Dan Kau Tersipu Malu Katakan Mau
Sambut Cintaku
Aku Di Sini Untukmu
Katakan Saja Bila Kau Mau

I want you with all my heart and i'm going to keep chasing you until you want to..
I want to hold you,make me the only one who's always in your heart..take me away with you.
And you're shy..say you want to celebrate my love..i'm here for you..just say it if you want to :)

haha nt suree if that's how you translate it..but,haha well..those are my favourite lines :D

Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you know what i want right now?

Hmmfffff ??????????? do you know what i want right now? like really know? like really really truly knoww?
Well i want,hmmmm pink :)
And also,i really want to pass this year 8th grade.
Oh yeah..i just found out that there's going to be another SOULNATION FESTIVAL here in Jakarta on 30th&31st October..and 30th is my b'dayy! yeay yeay yeay
I was on their web and i think their wishlist was Ne-Yo,Snoop Dogg,Gym Class heroes,T-pain and many more! but,it's still a wishlist.I hope they are going to have a concert here fo real.
hmmm i really want to go shopping..the stores are callin out my names everytime i pass em.well,sorry folks i got to study.....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Here comes the trouble (so,forget about the sun)

Oh yeah all about trouble(s) !.....hmf retards..
I 'm going to have a math test tomorrow but,i'm going to hide my agenda book for tomorrow's school,my parents wont know about the test.I know..i know it's a horrible thing to do.But,i am so tireeeeeeeddd.
I watched like the most retard movie (well,puppet movie) ever! gay.And,there's also matt damon..and he kept saying "MATT DAMON!" lol. And the korean guy..i forgot the name but,he's famous in real-life.He sings a song well, a 'lonely' song exactly.Which is so GAAAAAAY!.I think some of you know this movie.
Gosh, i am uploading new profile picture for my facebook.But,my internet is running slow (again and again) so it's very very slow and always faiilll.
This is so not a good day for me.Something realy badddd today.what next?!?!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hmmm i don't really know what topic should i now.
Nothing much happened lately.As you know,i am a boring person.So,yeah....
I made twitter..and i don't know why you guys are obsessed with it? i mean,it's pretty much the same as you update your status on i right?

Things are normal here....i haven't read anything lately (wow seriously..).And i am on my bad mood while i am writing this.It feels like i want to smack all of the bitches here.Well hello,bitch don't be a pussy.

ANYWAYS again,
Amazing.I love him.I worship him.He's very well,indeed very creative.hahahaha
yess the pictures above are my top three favourites!
From the three trio pictures which one do you like the besttaah?

me likey.Got to go study mates!