Friday, February 27, 2009

Should i stay or should i go?

I am standing on the rain
waiting for you to come and save me
I don't care how long i've been here
I just want to hold you for the last time
It's hard for me to move on without seeing you again
You can always feel my heartbeat when i am standing next to you
so,don't pretend like you dont know anything bout this feeling

It's hard to tell you that
i still have this feeling
I know you can't have the same feeling
but,give me one change
to hold you for the last time and
To tell you that this is the end

The end of our story
No more silly memories
cause i believe it's the time for me to move on


In the carr lol

yeaaah okay then i'm in the car
on the way to my mom's store
and i am bored/..................

"Life is a maze and love is a riddle "

Broken Stereo rocks :)

Hey guys,
I am now in my big brother's room.I am holding my guitar (Brittany) :)
i got into a Band Competition with my friends (Prilla,Olivia,Dita,Karina and of course clio).We sang Lenka's song-The show.Me and Dita played the guitar,Clio played thaaa drum and and Karina,Olivia and prilla sang the song.And there was also live performances by EFEK RUMAH KACA in my school today :D.And after they sang 6 songs i met them and i asked them to take a picture with my and my friends.I also asked one of them to sign my guitar.His name is Akbar he's the drum player.
Me and my friends won (5th place :P lol).But,we don't care hahahaha.It was fun anyway so whatever lol.
Special thanks to Marbels which made us happy with brought us the coolest band ever and also the most fun activities :DD
I am currently Listening to Basement Jaxx song "Romeo".
What a great daaaay!
what about you? did you had fun? hmm
Okay,i g2g
peaceeee lalala

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey guys,
How are you today? it's mondaay!
i didn't go to EF today because i have to go out for dinner with my family.I am going to wear tie-die and high waist jeans lol
Can you see the picture above? it's Bette Davis!.I love her so much.I didn't know much about her but,i like her face and especially her eyes.hmmpppppf
Bette Davis eyes :)

I am also in love with twiggy ...she's pretty and i love how she 'does' it infront of the camera.

I am currently listening to CSS-Move...a very cheerful and a very great song!


got to go now
cee yaaa

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shoping cures depressions

Oh my so fast right? hmm

so for today,i don't know where to go...maybe me and my mom are going to go to the mall.But,i really want to go to this cool store in STC Senayan.I've never been there but,people said that it's a really cool store.It sells shoes,clothes and everything!.And i really need to buy headsets today.What are your plans for today???

I am waiting for my pancakee...i am so hungry.And now i am browsing and i am looking at this shoes.There are Oxford shoe,ankle boots,Fringe boots and the last one Slouchy boots.I like Oxford,Ankle boots and slouchy boots.I don't really like fringe boots because i can't really wear it here in Jakarta.I mean come on,it's jakarta..

I need to print my cinematography projects..grrsss

got to go,

She got bette davis eyes

My daddas aunt :( Rest in peace... :)

Tomorrow my dad's aunt and her friend are comin to Jakarta.And they are going to stay at my house for couple of weeks.And they are going to stay in my room! which means i am going to SLEEP at my dad's room for a couple of weeks!.weee FUN! grrr

I bought like a little pinky clothes for sierra today...and some playing stuff for her :D
i hope she's happy.. :D

I am so addicted to Kim carnes's song BETTE DAVIS EYES babyy
i love it so

okay see you again tomorrow with more latest news :P

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Music is my boyfriend :)

Yo yo
I am reading an article about a 13 year-old father.God,i cannot believe he's a father! and,his girlfriend is 15 years old.I am 13 i mean it's kinda normal to ,you know,knowing things about that kind of stuff.But,he hasn't hit puberty! which is not weird because he still has this 8 year-old baby face.
Seriously it's better to wait.I couldn't imagine if i was the girl.I would have been panicked,scared and cried all day long because it's too risky.

Don't try it except that you are ready for taking the risks.

Well,Music is my boyfriend and music is my hot hot sex :P


Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday!!!!!................again and again

Hello guys,
It's Priscilla larasati Kemur :)
and now i am on skype with one of my school-mates PRISKA JUNITA! lmao
She's a very nice person..and she's so tall and she has like a thin face (i am so jealous because i have this double-chin face ).
And as you know it is monday again..and i am so glad it's night time already! woo hooo

I need to eat cupcakes now
i am so friggin hungry

oh yeah,vanessa came over to my house after school.She wanted to see my cat,sierra.And she told me that my cat is CUTE!
and she showed me like loads of car crash victim pictures and that was soooooo scary

g2g now
byee love yaa

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In the morning

Hey guys
what is up?

It is Sunday todayy.And i am still bored.I didnt go anywhere yesterday.Yesterday was all about cat,home and taking pictures :(.
So anyway i am so tired and i am still smelly.
I am planning to go out today and buy new headset!.

What are your plans for today?

love ya

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey omyGod thanks :)

hey guysss
i think this is the second blog dor this day

I got a cupcakes from my mom's friend
I haven't eat it because i just can't eat it! all of em are cuteeee hahaa lol
you can see the cupcakes above

cuteee riggghttt?

I am so bored right now! and i just hope that i could go out from this house immediately

g2g2g2g2g2g22 byeeee


Hey guys it's 14th February
happy valentine's day
it doesn't matter you don't have any boyfriend/girlfriend just share you looooorveeeee

My roses :D

see yaaa
boo ya

i have decideedd

Okay so my cat is a girl
and finally


Welcome home sierra :D



Valentine's day :)

Oh gosh it's 13th February! and tomorrow is 14th! well,i know i've post about valentine's day on my last post.
I got three flowers from three different secret admirers. :DDDD
but,now i know who the hell they are..they are Vanessa,Andrea and Rebekah.Too bad one of the flowers well,dead DIED killed burned :(
Thanks alot my triooo ay caramba musketeers :DD
So anyway,my mom told me this evening that she is going to give me a suprisee! cant wait cant wait.And she also said that i am going to looovee it.
WEll,i hope it's TAYLOR LAUTNER :P

Well,okay byotches :)
i am going to wait for my mom and the oh so suprise gift :D


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Gosh,i am so friggin pissed i am goin to have extra class tomorrow at ef.And,wtf this person wont approve me on facebook.ugh,well F YOU son of a byotch.I have waited for about a year for you to approve me! Gosh what is it with people these days?
Anyway,I have not finish reading ECLIPSE because of alot of extra classes.I am sooo tirreeeddd i i need a TIME OFF and sleep! and HOLIDAY!.]
by the way,do you know KERLI? i love her song "walking on air".And the it has a creepy lyric :P

and i hope someone will going to send me Rose tomorrow :DD.Because,we (me and my school) are going to celebrate valentine day tomorrow because 14th is on saturday and we don't have school on saturday.And tomorrow is actually FRIDAY the 13th.People believe that Friday the 13th is not a lucky day (google it if you want to).

okaayyb g2g noww
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Java jazz Festival

Hey guys
what is up?
I really want to watch Java Jazz Festival on 6th,7th and 8th march 2009!.But,i think my parents wont let me because i just bought colorsplash :(
i want to watchhh! but,i just hope that my mom will let me buy the ticket.
Rihanna cancelled her concert here...well,i don't really care because the tickets are too expensive for me anyway.
i wanna gooooo to java jazzzz..
and what i hated bout my mom is that like now she would tell me that she's not going but 2 days before the show she would tell me like "i am going to java jazz" and that's just like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHH.
if she's not going to buy me the tickets,well i'll buy it bymyself :(
i mean come on,my mom always watch it every year! god she's so selfish rawr
well, okay g2g
good bye now :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i know his birthday is actually tomorrow but,i just can't help it!
wish you all the best best best and best :)
xox,priscilla :)

So anyway i am reading ECLIPSE :DD
and then,i have decided that i am going to buy BREAKING DAWN (english language) this saturdayyy :))
i am obsessed
gosh gosh gosh

once again,happy 17th birthday taylor :D wish you all the besst for youu

Monday, February 9, 2009

NEW MOON!--taylor lautner's b'day comin soon :DD

Oh yeah baby i am currently reading NEW MOON!
I bought it yesterday at Gramedia and i am reading it now..I AM ALMOST DONE! just 50 pages left.. :DD
and tomorrow i am going to borrow ECLIPSE from dita..hahha i am so happy
AY caramba i am so addicted to those books.Edward and Bela are meant to be together.But on this book well,Jacob's in Edward's out..
Jacob Black is awesome! and Taylor lautner is awesome.I can't wait for November! haha because the movie is going to be released on Novembeeer ..
By the way,Taylor Lautner is going to turn 17 this 11th february! yipee invite me to your b'day party taaayy :P

gosh i am such a dreamer

anyway,gotta finish new moon rite now
and start eclipse tomorrow :DDD
stay in school :P

Friday, February 6, 2009

you better watch out cause, HE'S COMING!!

Yep! finally KAMBING JANTAN THE MOVIE will be released on 3rd March 2009..
wuhuuuuu.Kambing Jantan is a book and it's based on a true life of a blogger, Raditya Dika.
For those who don't know who he is..well,he's a famous blogger in Indonesia.He writes about he's opinion on something that's going-on right now and about his ridiculous but funny life.I like him because he's funny and he likes to communicate with all of his fans in Indonesia.

can't wait!