Monday, April 6, 2009

I got it from my momma.

Holla amigos,
What is up?
I went to school today..and vanessa's house.After at vanessa's house i went to ef and then visited my mom's friend at the hospital.I was so tired when my ef teacher blabbbblaa-ing about past simple tense or past something simple tense.But,anyway i get it.She would've been bal bla if she hadn't blabla right? (lol guessing).No offense =)
I love madonna's daughter style it's just so perfectoo

As you can see,she makes my day.I love her shoe from the last picture.And i think,she has the same age as me :O .How cool is thattt?
Oh yeah and i want KOOL-AID! :(
I am currently reading Cosmo girl April's edition (Indonesian).The cover is Demi lovato.And,yes i think she's really loveable and she's one of the down-to earth kind of girl.And i think Disney should be proud of her.People aren't wrong if she's a role-model."I'd so rather be a nerd than be popular"--Demi lovato.I am also,here drinkin Coca-cola :DD
21:37 hmmm time to go to bed!!

love you people ♥

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