Saturday, December 27, 2008


hey guys
i am drinkin 3 in 1 coffee right now.The greatest medicine for my flu haha.Anyway,i went to pim today and i met GAVRILO!.Gosh,he is so tall..
And then,I bought zara clothes.I'll post it as soon as i could :)
I also went to mango but,it was so crowded..i cannot buy clothes if the place is so crowded like a pasar :P
So,i just talked with my adorable cousin Gavrilo :DD
I am goin to meet him again tomorrow for lunch! and,my other cousins Clarissa and senia is here also..and i might meet them too :DD
super wow
I also went to la senza with my mom..ohmy i want the mouthwash,pajamas and the bath things haha :D
can't wait for tomorrow

ps: i ripped that boxer :( because i tried to side-to-side jump thing but,...:(

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Merry Christmas!
God Bless you!
this morning i went to church for about 2 hours and then,i went to PePenero..The 'real' Italian restaurant in Jakarta hehe.A very great place.And i went to my daddy's fam house..and Christmas Routines lol
And i drank Chocolate Vodka! hahahahahaha! well,it was free because when my dad paid the bill at peppenero..the waitress gave us free chocolate vodka..she gave us 3 ( one for my mom,my dad and my big brother).But,my brother gave it to i tried it cause i'm a young-alcoholic person (nt sure but my mom said so).And it tasted GOOD! haha i like it.It was like a melted chocolate,mix with vodka.
So anyway,
I cannot wait to see my cousin Gavrilo..he's in town until next Monday.Yeaaa i can't wait to meet him.He's like the BEST and the wildest cousin ever.LMAO.
And yesterday, i watched Transporter 3 with my mom,dad and my little brother.I love that movie! and i love the kissing part!! it was so cool..Jason Statham is hot!.I wish i was 'the' girl haha.
Priscilla Statham HAHA (i always change my last name )

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Diet ?

it's 07.00 morning
I am feeling hungry like sooooooooooo hungry
but,i just ate a chocolate cake..and i want to eat it again but well..i must control my eating routines
My mom told me not to eat to much sweets (candy,chocolate,etc).

i'm hungrrrrryy :(

emm..i think i'm gonna go grab another slice of my momma's chocolate cake hhmmm yummm
so anyway,do you have a diet routine?

Priscilla Larasati

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My momma birthday

It's 07.30...i woke up early this morning and i don't know why.
Today is 18th of december,my mom's birthday..i want to buy her a present but,i don't know what
I want to buy her something that's worth it and a very special present for her

I'm tired today..and the sadness is still ON,i don't know how to turn it OFF
I am in love with chris brown right now.
I've made xmas wish list yesterday
1.ankle boots (With heels)

3.One day-full shopping

hahahahahahah aisjasudihiewiuqoew, how bout you?

To my dearest bestfriend

so my close friend from my school is moving to Malaysia next monday ;(
She has been the greatest and the funniest friend for me and others
Well,it is not the first time you one of my friends move to another country and then,i cry on his/her farewell party.
We are friends since we were in second grade..a very good excelent 6 years friendship!
she always 'there' for us..makes us smile all day long because of her 'jayus' jokes haha..
We will miss you meriell!

ps : you will still in our hearts just like a tatoo..;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New year hmm

Hey guys,
so it's holiday! well,not yet..Where are you going for your holiday/new year?
i am not goin anywhere but,i'm going to spend one night at Sultan Hotel Jakarta with my family :)
And there are lots of new year packages at the hotel.I hope i'll have fun there.So,i am wonderin what am i going to wear on Christmas parties,new year parties..hmm
anyway,these are my new pictures :D


have a nice day :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

wow wow and WAW

Okay,so today is monday and another boring day :(
I can't go out because i have to study for tomorrow's exams.Blah,i hate school..
so anyways,last Saturday i went to PIM and i met my friends they are Cynthia and Kariz..and cynthia brought her boyfriend and his friend.Cynthia watched a different movie with her,me kariz and omar menunggu mereka dan jalan-jalan seperti 3 anak kucing yg hilang..
Kita,bengong melihat-lihat orang-orang yang berbondong-bondong bersama keluarga/temannya.Hm...boring.So akhirnya we decided to chillin in 21..
When they got out from the studio,cynthia went home with her brother and the 'trio meongmeong' menemani cynthia's boyfriend ate.
And,when it was already 19.00 WIB we,watched TWILIGHT! was a good movie A VERY GREAT MOVIE..i love kristen stewart and robbert pattinson..he's cute
Anyways,i had a great time last saturday..thank you fwends :)
i know you love me,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hey guys,
okay so last week i had a photoshoot with a friend of mine,Diandra.It was awesome and we had a blast!.And we took alot of photos...haha,she was an awesome photographer :)
because i don't have the pictures and i am waiting for andra to send the,i'll put it on the next blog :D
so tomorrow i am not going to school..and i havee so many projects and assignments..arghh i think i'm gonna kill myself now..
shits..i hate my school
oh anyway,g2g
Priscilla Aoki ;)
(watashiwa Steve Aoki to kekkon shiteru-I am married to steve aoki *muaach*)

Monday, November 17, 2008


what's up?
Well it's 20.30..I am tired and very very sleepy zzz..School is really really really really boring :(
I am currently reading meg cabot's READY OR NOT.I kinda like the book cause it talks about this sex thing between Samantha and David the president's son.Which is well,i think it's cool.
I will have P.E tomorrow morning and i have to sleep now because seriously,I AM TIRED!.
And,while i am writing this crap i am well...

I like her headband there.And,i love her style
stunning ♥
And,yep i still love cory kennedy haha :D

got to go charging myself now BYEEE :D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ooo lala i love her

Hey guys
Do you know Cory kennedy? if you do then,what do you think of her?
I think she's really really cool and pretty..i love how she wears her clothes
I've been her fan since i saw her pictures in Steve aoki's myspace and then i search it on google haha :D
If you don't know cory kennedy yet well here it is!

pretty right?
well,OO LALA i love Cory kennedy
ttyl ♥

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

school boring

Hey guys
It's Priscilla..this is my first blog..but actually i have another blog it's but i forgot the password :(.But,you could visit it if you want to ;).
So,today is Friday and it means tomorrow school's off and i'm goin to PL FAIR.I hope me and my friends will have so much fun there because i am going to watch Maliq&d'essentials and soulvibe my favourite Indonesian band.
I am watching a slideshow of cory kennedy's photo.And i love how she wears her clothes and she has a great a really great taste of fashion.
Do you like cory kennedy too?
and oh yeah OBAMA WON! :D haha