Thursday, August 20, 2009

Be grateful for who you are.

Yes,i kept repeating those words."Be grateful for who you are,priscilla"
Cause i've been complaining about me being too fat or me being too this and blablabla....
But,now i realize it doesnt matter and i dont care anymore.Well even though everytime i look at the mirror i feel horibble because i'm so freckin chubby :(
Anyways,who cares right?
as long as i am healthy and stop comparing to the other 'skinny' girls =) yeep.

wuff you

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The city

i bought the city season 1 dvd a couple of weeks ago.And,YES i love it!
I lovee their everyday outfits.Really really pretty..Especially,the first episode when whitney wore a bright yellow dress? maan,i love that dress.
Yeah.dont you just love em? the pink heels..short dress..gorgeous body
Hell yeah.

So anyways,
I'm listening to The beatles..And reading Nylon Blogs on their web.I dont know why but,i feel different today.And,I cant describe.WEIRD.