Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lady Madonna

Lady madonna..
hmm i really like the name.Anyways,I've been pretty busy lately and tired..because of school i have to study and stuff ......bummer.
Oh you know Mylo destroy rock&roll album? I know the album was made like along time ago but,i'm in love with it..and i've been playing alot of The beatles and Mylo on my iPod these days.
HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3!
aaaaaaaaw yeah..
I am currently dancing while listening to Here comes the sun on my iPod :)
I'm going to change my hobby into : Dancing randomly while listening to my iPod in my own room.
It's fun..seriously,you gotta try it! just dance ! and remember..don't think about what will happen next,your love life,family problems,homeworks..just relax and move yoooourr bodeeeyy! :DDD

Got to go people..i hope my tips will work for you guys haha :)

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