Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm sick of seeing couples.

I'm single and not ready to mingle :|
believe me I'm a total loser for dating/relationship issues.I only have one ex and yes you can guess,i am sucks at relationships.rofl
But,it's pretty fun at first being single and all that because you know,I'm boring and not attractive for a girl.Things happens for a reason.But,it gets annoying sometimes cause you'll hear your girlfriends talking about their boyfriend for example :
friend : "I had fun with my boyfriend yesterday! we cuddled alot..i love him so much."
Friend : "I am dating with you know,the guy that i fell in love with since last month"
Me : "wow really tell me more! " (and it means sarcastic but a friend kept talking )
wow i know you smell JEALOUSY! is a battlefield

Friday, March 27, 2009

Push is awesome

I canceled my tour to Kota tua today.
So i went to PIM with vanessa.She's so awesome..she's so fuun.She has a great sense of humour.I always laugh when i'm next to her.
We watched PUSH.It was actually an OK film.But,i love it because dakota fanning is in it.She's so pretty.And it's pretty weird cause she looks smaller than the picture i saw the other day.

I am in love with steve aoki.He's the man.And when i was at pim i saw this Indo guy but,his hairstyle,fashion sense made him look exactly like steve aoki!.I loveeeeeee that guyyyy styleee!! hmmmmmf viva steve aoki!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A year

I am so bored right now.And i want a NEW PHONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
i want to buy LG KS 360.
tell meeeee what do you think.
I wrote an email to MARKTHECOBRASNAKE.hmmmmm yeeess uahuahuahaua (i will die if he sees this so,i wont continue)
Who thinks life is lonely without boyfriend? girlsss? guysss?
well,, :|

One year..granpda ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


aku di sandera 2 artis di kamar ku sendiri
yeah yeah yeah whateverrr

i'm with my 2 jewel right now
their names are Rebekah and
and and i am so borrrrredddddddd nowwwwwww pengen makan DUNKIN DONUTS!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay so as you can see the title above..they cancelled the show..
And i just heard about the big news a couple hours before i left to Tennis indoor Senayan...
And you probably know that i was shocked by the new.People told me that it was because of their Visa in Malaysia.And on 13.00 they've got back to their country (AMERICA).
I was dissapointed by this because i thought today is going to be fun..and full of excitement.But it turns out to be borrrriinngggg as always!

There is going to be a conference pers about this.And i believe i'm not the only one who was shocked about this cancel-news.


Saturday, March 21, 2009




Photography taken by Diandra Sumendap :)

Edited by me using
This one is original..
Edited by me using

:D loveee itt..!

Successful woman

Hey guys,
Okay so i went to EF today to finish my last test.And i think i could pass this level! (well,i hope).
And after that diandra picked me up from ef so we could go to Pim .
At pim we watched kambing jantan the movie.And we had heavenly was greaaattt..iloveit

Let's talk about future..
Well,because i have an obsession to have a Job right now.I want to find my own money.And i want to know how it feels like to find money or to have a job.And i also want to repay my parents for everything they've done to me..they have been a very good parents and i've been such a jerk lately.I don't know how to thank them.That's why i want to have a job....succes and just make them happy..

My dream is definitely go to business school
But,i don't know where to start..
Maybe art..or fashion designer?
well,God knows..
I hope it'll suits me.

My mom knows my potential and she's going to use my potential to be it (wanna know what? well,tell you later..can't tell cause i'm not 'that' yet.)..I don't like to tell people bout it,because i don't think it's something you should tell to alot of people.


PS : wish me luck :P

Friday, March 20, 2009


i have lots to tell.

let's start with tuesday
On tuesday i went to pim with my mom and we watched shopaholic..perfecto!.but, i still think that the devil wears prada is better.And then,we had Heavenly blush!.It was very perfecto

On wednesday i went to Gav's fashion show @ GUCCI grand indonesia :)).It was great and he worked the runway.I love the new collection.And there were alot of celebrities there..and i also met richard kevin.he's damn hot!.

I had a singing audition at school.and i didn't took piano lesson that day.But anyway,they didn't accept me to be one of the singing group.But,who knows maybe singing is not my thingthaang.

Friday (TODAAY)
i went to my piano teacher house.Because i must practice for Sunday's recital.Wish me luck guyss..and now i am tired as always.And i am waiting for my mom..

And my mom is in kemang...tabac! wanna go there

I can't waittt SUNDAY N.E.R.D!
all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday fun fun and lots of fun!

went to ancol yesterday...ate at bandar djakarta,went bicycle-ing,chillin at seggara.
in this pict (karina and the birthday girl andira)
seaworld fun!
me and andrea,playing play bicycle
Love this pict so muuuucccch!
oh yeah :)

the view from seggara

bandar djakarta!
yesterday was the greatest day ever
love you my baby bala balaass!...

and oh yeshhh
I am goin to N.E.R.D concert next sunday with my b b best cousin evaaah gavrilo :)
and of course my boss olivia and karina might come too! :))
love em

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The only guy i'm in love with right now is..none

okay,i think i should stop thinking about guys right now and start focusing on my school.and ugh i am tired and tired with " you must go to school otherwise this and that blabalblabalabalabala".But,i know i am not the only one who doesn't like school..or am i?...
I missed like alot of people right now.. :(
And my private teacher is going to be here like an hour again,i guess.Math test tomorrowww! blah.puke puke puke.And i had like the lowest score in my class on history! you got it babe i got 36..beat that assholes ;).
I am currently listening to akon's beautiful.Because i am beautiful ;D .My mom is coming back tomorrow! shoes shoes come to mama
okay,i'm alittle bit shoes crazy atm and it's totally cool right? WHO LIKES SHOES?! (retardoohmaniaco)
ps: no i'm nt fetish (?)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If i told you that i'm over you will you fall in love with me?

Okay i know this blog title is so random.But,you know what i mean don't you? of course you do :)
I m so tired and sick of my mid tests at school.Because i am pretty sure that i have or i will fail (-ed) almost all of my tests.Like for example i've got the lowest score in my class on physics which is so not important because i have no interest in learning physics.But,because i have to finish 8th grade i have to be serious from now on.And the little-mini-supermini-doublesupremopetite problem is that : I cannot pay atention to what are my teachers saying at school.So,i think i'm going to puke right now so,let's talk about something else shall we?
I think i've told you before that my mom is in bali with my grandma and her friend.She'll be back on thursday and i hope she has something for me.
I've been sketching like alot of random things.Like twiggy,edie Sedgwick etc.And the results are NOT GOOD.i need to practice more.I mean it's kinda weird though because back then i had no interest in art/drawings.But,now if i see like alot of great arts or drawings it's just 'wow i'm in heaven!'.
I am currently listening to BALI LOUNGE-Tell me.It's a really nice song especially with all of the instruments.
Hey guys,i don't want to be a show off biatch right now but hey, search By all Means necessary on myspace :) they have the greatest songs ever!.It's just great and if i'm not wrong they are on tour right now :DD.But, maybe some of you have known this band.Great isn't it? lol

got to go,
love you my honey bunnies

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Okay so i am going to tell you what happened.So 2 days ago on Saturday i met gav at PIM and then,we both went to Pacific Palace because we were so bored at PIM.When we got to Pacific Palace we wanted to watch some movies but,we didn't because House and confessions of a shopaholic were only availabe at 00.00 ! :(.So, we figured something else to do and tadaaaaaaaaaaaa we went to XKTV in Senayan city! how cool is that? lol. I was so tired.And after those madness we ment to mmc to picked gav's grandma.And on the way home gav's grandma invited me to sleep-over at gav's apartment too.So yes i slept at gav's apartment.
On sunday,My mom picked me up at 10 morning.When i went home my brother wanted to watch pink panther 2 and my mom had a plan with someone so,i rushed to the bathroom.I took a bath and yes i went to pacific palace again!.
And now i am still tired.....

I am watching NylonMagazineTV on Youtube...its NYLON TV + CAMILLA BELLE!
I can't wait for my oxford shoe! and oh God can't wait for the very next thursday! :))


Friday, March 6, 2009


Oh yeah it's friday!
I'm not that happy because i can't stop eating!
hadooooh gimana ini? parah bangeeeeeeet..i ate like alot of food today
hmmmmpphh well,apa yang sudah terjadi biarlah terjadi...:(

anyway,these are my diamonds
i love and fashion toast! both of em are my inspiration.They just make my day :).And! i love perez..and i think he's right about miley and her boyfriend.I don't believe that miley is still a virgin too,!i loveee coreeey keeneeeddeey.Dakota fanning..she's so pretty.MK! mary kate oh,myspace,msn,facebook are always my hot hot sex.Lomography.and last but not least all of my baby bala-balaaass 26! i love you friends,girls,guys ! :DDD
And those are my diamonds hbu?

I can't wait for my oxford shoe! but,i have to wait for about 2 weeks cause it's not a ready stock shoe. :( but anyway I CAN'T WAIT!

i'm goin to gav's apartment tomorrow!
viva la vida

Thursday, March 5, 2009

shopping mode on

and yes,my shopping mode is on again!
it feels so good when you find affordable stuff :P

can't wait to order the shoeee!
fyi,i am going to buy oxford shoe :D