Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When will i learn how to grow up?

Another post.hahha :D
i am going to talk about growing up...it seems that i am 13 years old.Well,still 13 years old.For my mom she thinks that time goes on so fast.But,for me i think time goes on so slowly.It's like i've been 13 for forever.do you feel me?
But,i've been taught that age is nothing if you still behave like a baby.I've been thinkin alot about it.And it reminds me of my behaviour.I was kind of shocked about my behaviour but,some people think that it's normal.People do act chilidish sometimes.
But on the other hand,i do feel guilty.I've been pretty selfish,annoying,arrogant or whatever you call it.
To be honest,yes i want to change.I wanna change to be a better person.It's not so wrong is it?
I want to move on,Try to forget about my stupid pasts and pretty much just,start all over again.
I hope you'll pray for me..so i could pass 8th grade,i could get a brighter future :) ,

hahaha i wrote this because it just walking in my mind when i was watchin tv.haha
But,yes i hope it could work for you guys too..

got to roll see ya

Monday, April 27, 2009

We will all laugh at glidded butterflies.

i've been doing this fun surveys on facebook over and over.But,i gotta admit it is fun.

I'm not goin anywhere today which is very very boring.I want to go somewhere.So,i'm makin plans to go out with vanessa tomorrow :).But,don't know where to go yet.

Gosh,what a boring day.

So fookin pissed

I am so not in a good mood right now.
huaaaaah.It feels like i want to stand up and tell that stupid person that me and a friend of mine have stop doing those stupid stuff.Because you know what? we realize that it's not a good idea.got it????

Oh my gosh,okay so this girl..she's in headlines everywhere.Maybe some of you Indonesians have heard about her from infotainment or whatever.She's Indonesian and half French.She's married with a malaysian prince last year.And she's s But,her husband is well,sort of abused her.And her mom couldn't reach her by phone or even come to visit her in malaysia.Because the malaysians kind of abandoned her to meet her own daughter,manohara.I tell you about this rumour stuff because i'm bored now and its like she's everywhere!
To be honest,she is pretty.People have said that she's a really nice inside&outside person.blah..she's lucky.
I mean come on girls,don't you think it's pretty annoying when you see pretty girls or sometimes not pretty girls get a hot,rich and just nice boyfriend? I know you'll say "lucky bitch"..
huff yeah,always happen and will always happen.
when's my turn to be one?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ooh lalaa

Oh my Gosh..i love MAC..
They always have like cute collections and the colors are very beautiful..i like the colours.I always like MAC.
Here are the pictures
And now,this! my favourite...YES! IT'S THE DAME EDNA COLLECTION!
I like dame edna since i saw MAC Dame edna collections.I want to buy the powder,lipgloss and the nailpolish.. :)
but blah dream on priscilla..don't spend to much.

see ya amigos

Believe it or not,i AM in LOVE!

i am in love.
This guy,oh my gosh he is so hot..alot of people would say "OH MY GOD you are so weird he is not cute"or maybe "are you serious? he looks scary" but,love is blind right??????? am i right???????
this guy oh my god.Okay to the point...his name is DEVENDRA BANHART!!!!!!!!! DEVENDRA!!! BANHART!!!! pssssssh
God,he is hot.And people think that his beard is scary and his hair is totally gay.but,i like him alot!!!

why'd you have to be so cute?

need to go now,

Friday, April 17, 2009

I can't see what's real and what's not..all i know is just fake,lies,bulshits

yes..and yess i am listening to The Beatles while i am writing this blog :).And dancing of course haha.Here comes the sun!!
I'm going out with my mom today..i don't really know to where maybe accompany her to meet her client.
"I'm tired living this life..i've spent my years waiting and waiting for something good to happen,but it never happens"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lady Madonna

Lady madonna..
hmm i really like the name.Anyways,I've been pretty busy lately and tired..because of school i have to study and stuff ......bummer.
Oh yeah..do you know Mylo destroy rock&roll album? I know the album was made like along time ago but,i'm in love with it..and i've been playing alot of The beatles and Mylo on my iPod these days.
HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3!
aaaaaaaaw yeah..
I am currently dancing while listening to Here comes the sun on my iPod :)
I'm going to change my hobby into : Dancing randomly while listening to my iPod in my own room.
It's fun..seriously,you gotta try it! just dance ! and remember..don't think about what will happen next,your love life,family problems,homeworks..just relax and move yoooourr bodeeeyy! :DDD

Got to go people..i hope my tips will work for you guys haha :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hey guys,
I bought a new skirt las sunday.
And i really love it...here's the picture of itIt's a high-waist skirt.I really like it
and i'm going to order a Milk CrED t-shirt......Huaaaaaaah yes yes yes!!
i got to go now..adios amigos :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Omg yes and yes school's out today!
anyway,i'm on youtube right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0CtyIdjSBI check it out! and read the more info box.She's so lucky.
I want to have lady gaga hair-bow.Do you know how to make it? if you do then,please please tell me how! :)
I am planning to go to segarra again today with my mom and dad.But,i haven't take a shower.


i just finished taking pictures of myself..take a look take a look :PLOL.
Okay,so if you want to see more go visit my modepass..it's www.modepass.com/scilla .Anyways,i am so happy i'm not going to school tomorrow beacause,tomorrow is VOTING day!.Finally i could stay home and just relaxing.
Oh yeah,if you have myspace feel free to add mine :

Gosh,i think i'm sick.i feel so dizzy right now.
i got to go
see you tomorrow :D

Monday, April 6, 2009

I got it from my momma.

Holla amigos,
What is up?
I went to school today..and vanessa's house.After at vanessa's house i went to ef and then visited my mom's friend at the hospital.I was so tired when my ef teacher blabbbblaa-ing about past simple tense or past something simple tense.But,anyway i get it.She would've been bal bla if she hadn't blabla right? (lol guessing).No offense =)
I love madonna's daughter style it's just so perfectoo

As you can see,she makes my day.I love her shoe from the last picture.And i think,she has the same age as me :O .How cool is thattt?
Oh yeah and i want KOOL-AID! :(
I am currently reading Cosmo girl April's edition (Indonesian).The cover is Demi lovato.And,yes i think she's really loveable and she's one of the down-to earth kind of girl.And i think Disney should be proud of her.People aren't wrong if she's a role-model."I'd so rather be a nerd than be popular"--Demi lovato.I am also,here drinkin Coca-cola :DD
21:37 hmmm time to go to bed!!

love you people ♥

Pictas credits: Google.com :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Before preparing books for school tomorrow..

How do i say this:



i want to be famous like

hmmmmmmmmmmmm lady gaga (Y)

and the video of her with paris hilton is just perfect!.

oh yhhhhh lady gaga hmmm

Please oh please,when could i meet her?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i want nerdy glasses!

I really want to wear nerdy glasses right now.Nerdy glasses is actually my favourite accessory.Especially,i always get bored with my usual glasses.Do you like it? I like it...But,i don't know where to buy it here in Indonesia.Well,i hope i'll find it and buy it ASAP.

credits to : 'roumn' FLICKR


Boredom photoshoot.....wow yeah

Sorry for the stripes thingy..my camera is not really good.

I am into purple lately and i like the last picture :D (yes i am a narcistic person).
And i really like my kamiseta top (1st and second pict).It was on sale and the price is affordable for a thirteen year old girl like me.I also like the oxford shoe..I love the colours and it's comfy.I bought it online from mrfreddy.multiply.com . He's awesome i love all of the shoes and the prices are 'heaven'
For the 3rd and 4th pict i'm wearing Kamiseta top.The skirt is ZARA.I love the skirt it's flowers it has pocket on the front :).The shoes is my mom's and it's Guess.

I sort of like wearing stockings now.Well,i don't know why i feel comfy wearing it.There's not much people wearing stockings here.But,who cares right? if you feel comfortable with what you are wearing then,you will always looking good.
I made modepass.com it's www.modepass.com/scilla thanks :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

Obsessed.Can't get enough.

I am obsessed with :
Dakota fanning !! she's so cool i love her.She worked hard since she was little.I mean,that's really cool.It proves that she has passion for acting.I love her look on PUSH anyways.New york city!.I've never been there but,i think new york is the place to be! i would like to see new york's city lights..and people walkin around at Time square with my own eyes.I just wish i could be there now.

It's Jonathan Aston Gothic Tights.But who cares i want printed tights! cause i think tights are rad.Especially the printed ones.Yes oh yess i want it all.

I can't get enough of Chanel..even though i don't rlly have much of the collections,but i think she is very cool.I can't wait to watch Coco before Chanel.It doesn't come out til this april.

Cory kennedy is awesome..i'm her huge fan .i think she kind of give me an inspiration on everything i wear.
Those are my top 5!
Dakota fanning
New york
Printed tights
Coco chanel and,
Cory kennedy

credits :Flickr.Google :)


Okay so,i've been reading alot of people's blog today.And i skip school today.I am pretty scared bout my grades.
So,i've been reading styleslut.com and to be honest i love the blog!.It's really cool.I love that site so much.I am addict by it.
And there's also lookbook.nu and i am pretty sure some of you have heard about the very stylish site.The site is pretty cool.It allows you to put your pictures or your 'look'..
My friend,danica sent me alot of cool fashion webs.She makes my day (as always )
By the way,my cousin gavrilo has a blog. gavrilogabriel.blogspot.com

Enjoy :)