Saturday, March 21, 2009

Successful woman

Hey guys,
Okay so i went to EF today to finish my last test.And i think i could pass this level! (well,i hope).
And after that diandra picked me up from ef so we could go to Pim .
At pim we watched kambing jantan the movie.And we had heavenly was greaaattt..iloveit

Let's talk about future..
Well,because i have an obsession to have a Job right now.I want to find my own money.And i want to know how it feels like to find money or to have a job.And i also want to repay my parents for everything they've done to me..they have been a very good parents and i've been such a jerk lately.I don't know how to thank them.That's why i want to have a job....succes and just make them happy..

My dream is definitely go to business school
But,i don't know where to start..
Maybe art..or fashion designer?
well,God knows..
I hope it'll suits me.

My mom knows my potential and she's going to use my potential to be it (wanna know what? well,tell you later..can't tell cause i'm not 'that' yet.)..I don't like to tell people bout it,because i don't think it's something you should tell to alot of people.


PS : wish me luck :P

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