Friday, March 6, 2009


Oh yeah it's friday!
I'm not that happy because i can't stop eating!
hadooooh gimana ini? parah bangeeeeeeet..i ate like alot of food today
hmmmmpphh well,apa yang sudah terjadi biarlah terjadi...:(

anyway,these are my diamonds
i love and fashion toast! both of em are my inspiration.They just make my day :).And! i love perez..and i think he's right about miley and her boyfriend.I don't believe that miley is still a virgin too,!i loveee coreeey keeneeeddeey.Dakota fanning..she's so pretty.MK! mary kate oh,myspace,msn,facebook are always my hot hot sex.Lomography.and last but not least all of my baby bala-balaaass 26! i love you friends,girls,guys ! :DDD
And those are my diamonds hbu?

I can't wait for my oxford shoe! but,i have to wait for about 2 weeks cause it's not a ready stock shoe. :( but anyway I CAN'T WAIT!

i'm goin to gav's apartment tomorrow!
viva la vida

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