Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If i told you that i'm over you will you fall in love with me?

Okay i know this blog title is so random.But,you know what i mean don't you? of course you do :)
I m so tired and sick of my mid tests at school.Because i am pretty sure that i have or i will fail (-ed) almost all of my tests.Like for example i've got the lowest score in my class on physics which is so not important because i have no interest in learning physics.But,because i have to finish 8th grade i have to be serious from now on.And the little-mini-supermini-doublesupremopetite problem is that : I cannot pay atention to what are my teachers saying at school.So,i think i'm going to puke right now so,let's talk about something else shall we?
I think i've told you before that my mom is in bali with my grandma and her friend.She'll be back on thursday and i hope she has something for me.
I've been sketching like alot of random things.Like twiggy,edie Sedgwick etc.And the results are NOT GOOD.i need to practice more.I mean it's kinda weird though because back then i had no interest in art/drawings.But,now if i see like alot of great arts or drawings it's just 'wow i'm in heaven!'.
I am currently listening to BALI LOUNGE-Tell me.It's a really nice song especially with all of the instruments.
Hey guys,i don't want to be a show off biatch right now but hey, search By all Means necessary on myspace :) they have the greatest songs ever!.It's just great and if i'm not wrong they are on tour right now :DD.But, maybe some of you have known this band.Great isn't it? lol

got to go,
love you my honey bunnies

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