Friday, March 20, 2009


i have lots to tell.

let's start with tuesday
On tuesday i went to pim with my mom and we watched shopaholic..perfecto!.but, i still think that the devil wears prada is better.And then,we had Heavenly blush!.It was very perfecto

On wednesday i went to Gav's fashion show @ GUCCI grand indonesia :)).It was great and he worked the runway.I love the new collection.And there were alot of celebrities there..and i also met richard kevin.he's damn hot!.

I had a singing audition at school.and i didn't took piano lesson that day.But anyway,they didn't accept me to be one of the singing group.But,who knows maybe singing is not my thingthaang.

Friday (TODAAY)
i went to my piano teacher house.Because i must practice for Sunday's recital.Wish me luck guyss..and now i am tired as always.And i am waiting for my mom..

And my mom is in kemang...tabac! wanna go there

I can't waittt SUNDAY N.E.R.D!
all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!


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