Sunday, March 8, 2009


Okay so i am going to tell you what happened.So 2 days ago on Saturday i met gav at PIM and then,we both went to Pacific Palace because we were so bored at PIM.When we got to Pacific Palace we wanted to watch some movies but,we didn't because House and confessions of a shopaholic were only availabe at 00.00 ! :(.So, we figured something else to do and tadaaaaaaaaaaaa we went to XKTV in Senayan city! how cool is that? lol. I was so tired.And after those madness we ment to mmc to picked gav's grandma.And on the way home gav's grandma invited me to sleep-over at gav's apartment too.So yes i slept at gav's apartment.
On sunday,My mom picked me up at 10 morning.When i went home my brother wanted to watch pink panther 2 and my mom had a plan with someone so,i rushed to the bathroom.I took a bath and yes i went to pacific palace again!.
And now i am still tired.....

I am watching NylonMagazineTV on Youtube...its NYLON TV + CAMILLA BELLE!
I can't wait for my oxford shoe! and oh God can't wait for the very next thursday! :))


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