Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The only guy i'm in love with right now is..none

okay,i think i should stop thinking about guys right now and start focusing on my school.and ugh i am tired and tired with " you must go to school otherwise this and that blabalblabalabalabala".But,i know i am not the only one who doesn't like school..or am i?...
I missed like alot of people right now.. :(
And my private teacher is going to be here like an hour again,i guess.Math test tomorrowww! blah.puke puke puke.And i had like the lowest score in my class on history! you got it babe i got 36..beat that assholes ;).
I am currently listening to akon's beautiful.Because i am beautiful ;D .My mom is coming back tomorrow! shoes shoes come to mama
okay,i'm alittle bit shoes crazy atm and it's totally cool right? WHO LIKES SHOES?! (retardoohmaniaco)
ps: no i'm nt fetish (?)

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