Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's day :)

Oh gosh it's 13th February! and tomorrow is 14th! well,i know i've post about valentine's day on my last post.
I got three flowers from three different secret admirers. :DDDD
but,now i know who the hell they are..they are Vanessa,Andrea and Rebekah.Too bad one of the flowers well,dead DIED killed burned :(
Thanks alot my triooo ay caramba musketeers :DD
So anyway,my mom told me this evening that she is going to give me a suprisee! cant wait cant wait.And she also said that i am going to looovee it.
WEll,i hope it's TAYLOR LAUTNER :P

Well,okay byotches :)
i am going to wait for my mom and the oh so suprise gift :D


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