Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday!!!!!................again and again

Hello guys,
It's Priscilla larasati Kemur :)
and now i am on skype with one of my school-mates PRISKA JUNITA! lmao
She's a very nice person..and she's so tall and she has like a thin face (i am so jealous because i have this double-chin face ).
And as you know it is monday again..and i am so glad it's night time already! woo hooo

I need to eat cupcakes now
i am so friggin hungry

oh yeah,vanessa came over to my house after school.She wanted to see my cat,sierra.And she told me that my cat is CUTE!
and she showed me like loads of car crash victim pictures and that was soooooo scary

g2g now
byee love yaa

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