Monday, February 9, 2009

NEW MOON!--taylor lautner's b'day comin soon :DD

Oh yeah baby i am currently reading NEW MOON!
I bought it yesterday at Gramedia and i am reading it now..I AM ALMOST DONE! just 50 pages left.. :DD
and tomorrow i am going to borrow ECLIPSE from dita..hahha i am so happy
AY caramba i am so addicted to those books.Edward and Bela are meant to be together.But on this book well,Jacob's in Edward's out..
Jacob Black is awesome! and Taylor lautner is awesome.I can't wait for November! haha because the movie is going to be released on Novembeeer ..
By the way,Taylor Lautner is going to turn 17 this 11th february! yipee invite me to your b'day party taaayy :P

gosh i am such a dreamer

anyway,gotta finish new moon rite now
and start eclipse tomorrow :DDD
stay in school :P

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