Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shoping cures depressions

Oh my so fast right? hmm

so for today,i don't know where to go...maybe me and my mom are going to go to the mall.But,i really want to go to this cool store in STC Senayan.I've never been there but,people said that it's a really cool store.It sells shoes,clothes and everything!.And i really need to buy headsets today.What are your plans for today???

I am waiting for my pancakee...i am so hungry.And now i am browsing and i am looking at this shoes.There are Oxford shoe,ankle boots,Fringe boots and the last one Slouchy boots.I like Oxford,Ankle boots and slouchy boots.I don't really like fringe boots because i can't really wear it here in Jakarta.I mean come on,it's jakarta..

I need to print my cinematography projects..grrsss

got to go,

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