Friday, February 27, 2009

Broken Stereo rocks :)

Hey guys,
I am now in my big brother's room.I am holding my guitar (Brittany) :)
i got into a Band Competition with my friends (Prilla,Olivia,Dita,Karina and of course clio).We sang Lenka's song-The show.Me and Dita played the guitar,Clio played thaaa drum and and Karina,Olivia and prilla sang the song.And there was also live performances by EFEK RUMAH KACA in my school today :D.And after they sang 6 songs i met them and i asked them to take a picture with my and my friends.I also asked one of them to sign my guitar.His name is Akbar he's the drum player.
Me and my friends won (5th place :P lol).But,we don't care hahahaha.It was fun anyway so whatever lol.
Special thanks to Marbels which made us happy with brought us the coolest band ever and also the most fun activities :DD
I am currently Listening to Basement Jaxx song "Romeo".
What a great daaaay!
what about you? did you had fun? hmm
Okay,i g2g
peaceeee lalala

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