Sunday, May 17, 2009

screw me.

I had a good time reading mr.kanye west's blog.I love his style and his unique ideas and of course his art tastes.And yesterday,i was on his blog again.There's this shoes it's really cool.I really want's the pictureIt's nike.And the colour is soo green ish tennis ball-ish.So wow-ish.
And now i am reading this article on's an article about Adidas originals by Jeremy scott.You know i love him right?.Jeremy scott is definetely the man i would like to spend my time with.He is just ooh lala.This is my favourite for Autumn/spring adidas originals Jeremy scott.look at it!
The dress..and the shoes.The shoes is very cool.It has wings on the side of em.WOWIEE i'm gonna put it on my october's birthday list! lame.


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