Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels&Demons is a very good movie.

I watched angels&demons for free today at ex :)
No doubt,the movie is very's better than the first one.The first one is not that good.But,don't watch angels&Demons if you don't like to watch people kill theirself with fire.hmmf..
I haven't take a picta of my daily outfit at the moment.
here it is..for today! i woke up at 7 oclock and i didn't know what to wear.And i found the orange top at my mom's wardrobe...and i borrowed her bag.ohh yeah the bag is mulberry! hahaaha :)
the top and the skirt are zara. and the bracelet is my mom's

wwwaaaa and i went to the saloonnn.Got my hair done.I rlly like's like wavy wavy lol
here's the pic of my hair i kinda destroyed it cause i was so pissed and fell asleep haha :Pg2ggg

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