Monday, May 4, 2009

Here comes the trouble (so,forget about the sun)

Oh yeah all about trouble(s) !.....hmf retards..
I 'm going to have a math test tomorrow but,i'm going to hide my agenda book for tomorrow's school,my parents wont know about the test.I know..i know it's a horrible thing to do.But,i am so tireeeeeeeddd.
I watched like the most retard movie (well,puppet movie) ever! gay.And,there's also matt damon..and he kept saying "MATT DAMON!" lol. And the korean guy..i forgot the name but,he's famous in real-life.He sings a song well, a 'lonely' song exactly.Which is so GAAAAAAY!.I think some of you know this movie.
Gosh, i am uploading new profile picture for my facebook.But,my internet is running slow (again and again) so it's very very slow and always faiilll.
This is so not a good day for me.Something realy badddd today.what next?!?!

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