Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I want home-school and my own house.

I am so sad that kris allen won the american idol.Because i thought that adam was gonna be the winner :((
But,well kriss does have a great voice.So,yeah why not? and i'm sure both of them are winners.Because come on,they'll get a record deal for sure.. :)) (but i'm still sad)
YEAH HELL YEA I WANT HOME SCHOOL AND OWN HOUSE.i need a friggin space.I hate it when my mom dad brother big brother always tell me 'give me some space to sit' or 'why aren't you studying?' cause you know what SIT ON ANOTHER SOFA,WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? and i could go home anytime i want...
uh...kitties are amazing..they could live wherever they want,married with whoever they want,and just be on their own.
hmm but,whatever happens we should be thankful.

so yeah,

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