Sunday, December 7, 2008

wow wow and WAW

Okay,so today is monday and another boring day :(
I can't go out because i have to study for tomorrow's exams.Blah,i hate school..
so anyways,last Saturday i went to PIM and i met my friends they are Cynthia and Kariz..and cynthia brought her boyfriend and his friend.Cynthia watched a different movie with her,me kariz and omar menunggu mereka dan jalan-jalan seperti 3 anak kucing yg hilang..
Kita,bengong melihat-lihat orang-orang yang berbondong-bondong bersama keluarga/temannya.Hm...boring.So akhirnya we decided to chillin in 21..
When they got out from the studio,cynthia went home with her brother and the 'trio meongmeong' menemani cynthia's boyfriend ate.
And,when it was already 19.00 WIB we,watched TWILIGHT! was a good movie A VERY GREAT MOVIE..i love kristen stewart and robbert pattinson..he's cute
Anyways,i had a great time last saturday..thank you fwends :)
i know you love me,

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