Saturday, December 27, 2008


hey guys
i am drinkin 3 in 1 coffee right now.The greatest medicine for my flu haha.Anyway,i went to pim today and i met GAVRILO!.Gosh,he is so tall..
And then,I bought zara clothes.I'll post it as soon as i could :)
I also went to mango but,it was so crowded..i cannot buy clothes if the place is so crowded like a pasar :P
So,i just talked with my adorable cousin Gavrilo :DD
I am goin to meet him again tomorrow for lunch! and,my other cousins Clarissa and senia is here also..and i might meet them too :DD
super wow
I also went to la senza with my mom..ohmy i want the mouthwash,pajamas and the bath things haha :D
can't wait for tomorrow

ps: i ripped that boxer :( because i tried to side-to-side jump thing but,...:(

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