Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Merry Christmas!
God Bless you!
this morning i went to church for about 2 hours and then,i went to PePenero..The 'real' Italian restaurant in Jakarta hehe.A very great place.And i went to my daddy's fam house..and Christmas Routines lol
And i drank Chocolate Vodka! hahahahahaha! well,it was free because when my dad paid the bill at peppenero..the waitress gave us free chocolate vodka..she gave us 3 ( one for my mom,my dad and my big brother).But,my brother gave it to i tried it cause i'm a young-alcoholic person (nt sure but my mom said so).And it tasted GOOD! haha i like it.It was like a melted chocolate,mix with vodka.
So anyway,
I cannot wait to see my cousin Gavrilo..he's in town until next Monday.Yeaaa i can't wait to meet him.He's like the BEST and the wildest cousin ever.LMAO.
And yesterday, i watched Transporter 3 with my mom,dad and my little brother.I love that movie! and i love the kissing part!! it was so cool..Jason Statham is hot!.I wish i was 'the' girl haha.
Priscilla Statham HAHA (i always change my last name )

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