Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To my dearest bestfriend

so my close friend from my school is moving to Malaysia next monday ;(
She has been the greatest and the funniest friend for me and others
Well,it is not the first time you one of my friends move to another country and then,i cry on his/her farewell party.
We are friends since we were in second grade..a very good excelent 6 years friendship!
she always 'there' for us..makes us smile all day long because of her 'jayus' jokes haha..
We will miss you meriell!

ps : you will still in our hearts just like a tatoo..;)

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doratheexplorer said...

elk gue baca lagi blog lu yg wkt itu. huhuhu sedih abis deh, makin kangen aja gue sm lo semua :S jgn lupakan aku yaaaaaaa :'''((