Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love lost-The temper trap

Hello guys!
so i'm back again..wohoo
been soo busy with school and stuff..things arent goin pretty well.My feb sucks just so you know.I was sooo excitteed about feb cause of the valentine's day but,HEY nthin special happened
i'm single,alone and need to have fun.I am a very BORING person..haha.well at least i laugh alot right?
I am sooo addicted to The Temper TRAP!! GOSH,and i have a crush on the vocalist haha.does he have a tattoo?
oh my gosh,i AM addicted to guys with's just interesting!.And,my mom thinks i'm weird :S it is not weird mom! no not at all.i'ts normal!
Oh YEAH i spent my last weekend with gavrilo.He's my cousin :)
He dyed his hair into red.Well,no it was supposed to be brown...hmm,i had fun anyways
we went to dragonfly but then,it's like so hella,we went to x lounge.And my cousin yelled at me..he was pissed and there was a little girl standing infront of us. (well technically she was dancing like a whore) and he whispered to me and said "LOOK at that girl,she's not even 14! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PLACE"
but,then we just danced the nite awaaaayyy.Big mistake.
oh well,gotta goooo

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