Sunday, December 13, 2009

you don't know..oh you do?

i am so upset!
i forgot my new blog's password.. (i am so dumb!)
but,anyways blogspot is way way easier than wordpress.So,hey blogspot! i'm backkkk..

yesterday i went to Brightspot Market X-mas Edition! looaads of cool stuff!.
But,it was hella crowded so,i only bought a top and a cool ring.Went there with mom and dad.
I don't know why but both of them are fun when it comes to shopping.

And Today,i went to Plaza Senayan and Ratu Plaza
I bought WII games and Coco Before Chanel DVD! oh ya and also Band slam..

I really want to upload the stuff i bought yesterday! too bad my camera is low bat :(
well,maybe tonight :)
love you!

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