Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fake.....95% plastic

Be real
be true to yourself
make a change now
dont be one of those fakers
who thinks they got it all
ooh i know their parents got tons of money,fancy cars and all that
but who cares about those materialistic stuff
and you'll know why...
Sometimes,you just dont know what you got till its gone
i didnt believe it at first either...but now i really do.
you change who you are just to make people love you? LIKE WTF?!

Just because you're a geek it doesnt mean you have to change yourself and be a slut.And if you think that it's the best way to get the're WRONG honey.sure you'll get one.But,trust me it wont last long.
Just because you're one of those guys who reads book all day and nt that 'tough' like channing tatum or whoever.It doesnt mean you need to work out anndd have those fuggin scary muscles to get the girls!.
To be honest, i like skinny and fat guys haha.i don't really like athletic body type guys.Cause sometimes those muscles and six packs thing freaks me out.
I'm sure i'm nt the only one who doesnt like athletic guys.
Well,yeah i like em..but,told ya scares me sometimes!...
huff got to go to sleep tired

so remember
Just be yourself.that way you'll get friends/boys.girls easier ;)
Changing yourself? it only makes you a total complete extra super duper bitch.


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