Thursday, June 18, 2009

People,meet Krizia Robustella.

Hey people!
it's summer now.....yes! Holidays holidaaayyy yeeay
i was on and saw krizia robustella's collection.

And i gotta be honest to you.I really love the em...i think she's different.I really like the clothes from the first picture.It's like casual but,gorgeous.
Krizia is still young too.If i'm not wrong..she's still 24 years old.
Check out her myspace
Too bad i dont know where could i get her collections here in jakarta.hemm
Oh yeah,
i just bought a lip gloss from Aksara Bookstore.The lip gloss pack is really cute.
It smells good and tastes
Mine is like the top right one.The one with the raspberry :P
Thanks to google i could find the pic of my lip gloss. (:
Thanks naughty but nice! its really cool.and i'm glad i have it on my own now.

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